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Roundtable Brief

The quick guide to running a hackED Roundtable!

Graphics & print resources

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Roundtable Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Uncertain about something? Don’t worry – that’s part of the process. Your question may have been answered already. See below! If it’s not there, message the hackED National Team and we’ll help you out (and build out the list for the next person).

  • Any advice/ideas on promoting the roundtable?

    • Students associations’ e-newsletters or other mailing lists on campus
    • Print posters (talk to the hackED National Team about getting some printed for you – we need your address to do this!)
    • Email faculty to get the event mentioned to their classes. You can use the images we’ve made for social media and so on so the professors can display/distribute that, too. Talk to the hackED National Team!
    • Social media! Does your institution have a Facebook Page or Twitter account – or are there departmental social media accounts, like incubators or volunteer centres?
    • Societies and clubs that might be interested – send them a message to get them to promote it to their members.
    • Personal contacts! Who do you know that might be able to spread the word?
    • Ultimately, different things work on different campuses.
  • Do you have any pre-written promo text?

    • How might you change your education experience?
      Have you experienced challenges or gaps that have hampered your learning? Have a vision for programs, services, classes, or other ideas that would transform your post-secondary experience?
      Come to the [your-campus] hackED Roundtable. This event is a facilitated session to recognize challenges and opportunities on our campus. Hack education and be part of a pan-Canadian movement!
  • Do people usually just wait to see who shows up, or has anyone tried asking people to sign-up in advance?

    • We will create Facebook Events for you to join as a host, so that is one way to gauge interest. If you’d like to distribute a form or an Eventbrite event or something similar, we’re interested in that, too. Let the hackED National Team know!
  • Do the print materials you mentioned have a French-language version?

    • We’re working on translations. If anything is urgent, let us know and we’ll make it move faster.
  • Food? Cookies? Coffee?

    • Yes, yes, and definitely. We have a budget to support these kinds of incentives. Book your event and get back to us with a budget and your best guess as to how many students will attend.
  • The agenda seems long/complicated/et cetera. Is there any way to…

    • Yes! If you think a different approach will work, we’re all ears. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll work with you to remix the session.
  • Do we need to make hackED a campus club/group/society?

    • Some campuses will require an official status before you can use their resources (e.g., room bookings). If you need this to happen, message the hackED National Team. We’ll help you submit an application. In some cases, the application process might be slow – contact your students’ association/union/federation or partner with another group on campus to book space and host the Roundtable. You’d be surprised how eager your classmates and colleagues will be to support this initiative.