Host a hackED Roundtable

We are looking for intrepid, passionate students to help run hackED programs on campuses across the country. These student leaders will be local champions for the future of higher education, engaging their communities in exciting dialogue and action to innovate in their institutions. As a bonus, they’re likely to learn a lot about systems change and building a movement in the process!

Apply by February 10!

What you’ll do

With our support and resources, you will…

  • Organize and promote hackED events and initiatives
  • Build up a hackED community on your campus
  • Develop leadership and innovation skills

Don’t worry – we’re never far away. Our national team is active on a daily basis to support hackED Campus Leads across the country.

What you need

To excel, hackED hosts need…

  • A willingness to learn from and use the resources and support we offer
  • Organizational and communications skills
  • Keen teamwork ability in collaborating with a local and national team

How to apply

The application process is not meant to be challenging or competitive. We ask a couple of questions about your interest in and commitment to the project. We hope to see multiple applicants from each school in order to assemble campus teams to support one another and balance out the workload.

hackED roles are meant to complement other activities on campus! If you’re involved in other groups, that’s a good thing.

Don’t be shy. Apply to host a hackED Roundtable on your campus below!

We’re recruiting until February 10th, 2017. It’s never too late to start, but the earlier the better.

Apply to host a Roundtable at your school