“hackED empowers a network of students and educators to co-creatively define, understand, and solve challenges in our education system and on our campuses.”

Who are we and why the @#$% we doing this?

We are a group of students across Canada who are passionate about the future of our higher education system. What started as a random conversation at a conference has manifested into hackED, our passion project involving countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears.
We created hackED for two reasons. One, we want to equip students with the resources necessary to create a culture shift of social innovation at their schools. And secondly, student voices are often left out of administrative and public policy conversations, so by creating a forum for students to express their challenges and visualize that data, collectively, we are better prepared to advocate for ourselves. We are always interested in expanding our team of volunteers! Send us an email: collaborate@recode.ca

How does hackED work?

hackED is an open innovation platform for student grassroots projects in Canada. Across the country, roundtables where students are discussing their experiences in the higher education system are taking place. These roundtables are catalyst for the conversations on this platform; students can identify challenges, come up with solutions, vote for their favourites, and then become part of the team that pilots the project. During hackED week, top solutions are awarded the financial resources necessary to prototype the solution. There can be more than one pilot project at each school. More details will be emailed to hackED users.

Who can participate in hackED?

We encourage students, professors, administrators, policy makers, and entrepreneurs to participate in hackED. But we invite anyone who wants to express their opinion to sign up. Students can get involved by identifying challenges and brainstorming solutions by attending roundtables on their campus and by joining the conversations online at hacked.ca. You and your peers can also apply for funding to pilot your idea on your campus. If you are a professor, university or college administrator, policy maker, and/or entrepreneur who would like to offer your expertise on hackED projects, feel free to sign up and join the conversations! We are always accepting applications for volunteers who are also passionate about rethinking higher education! Get in touch with us: collaborate@recode.ca

What is hackED week and when is it?

hackED week is when the top solutions identified on the hackED platform are awarded the financial resources necessary to pilot the idea at their university. Teams of students in collaboration with faculty and administration across the country will work to implement their ideas and document their innovation stories. These stories will be shared online to inspire further innovation and of course, some of the ideas will stick at their schools and create lasting change! hackED weeks occur at least once in both the Fall and Winter semesters. As we develop the program, we are figuring when hackED weeks work best, but we will keep all participants up to date via your campus leads and email. Like us on Facebook for recent updates as well.

Who are campus leads? And how can I become one?

There are 1-3 campus lead(s) at all 20+ participating universities and colleges. Generally, these students are selected because they reached out and expressed their interest. They are great people: leaders in their communities, _________, and have the time to dedicate at least 10 hours a month to hackED. You can always reach out to your campus lead(s) to learn more about hackED, find out when the next roundtable on your campus is, apply for funding for a project, and join existing project teams. If you are interested in becoming a campus lead, send us an email: collaborate@recode.ca

Can there be more than one pilot project per school?

Yes, there can be more than one pilot project at the same school as long as both projects meet the specified requirements.

Is this competitive or collaborative?

Others’ challenges and solutions should motivate and inspire you – this is collaborative problem solving. hackED operates with the value that collaboration best accelerates social progress in universities and college’s and beyond.

Who owns the solutions submitted on hackED?

All challenges, solutions, and comments are useable by everyone – similar to open data, consider this open innovation. HackED operates with the value that in terms of social progress, collaboration is better than competition.

What can I do with my badges?

Badges are earned by performing various tasks on hackED, identifying challenges and solutions, commenting, upvoting, etc. You can track your badges by clicking on the ‘My Account’ page. Soon, your badges will be redeemable for prizes and RECODE certifications.

Will hackED ever share my email address?

No, except in the cases where a partner would like to get in touch to support your project, we will not share email addresses with anyone.

What is the J.W McConnell Family Foundation?

Established in 1937, the J.W McConnell Family Foundation is one of Canada’s oldest and largest philanthropic organizations. HackED is a project within the Foundation’s RECODE initative – an effort to fuel social innovation education across Canada. The Foundation fully supports our project however; we are fully designed and operated by student volunteers.